Yellow Powder Effective Antibacterial Treatment

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Offering effective antibacterial treatment originally produced in Japan. The product comes in a 5-gram pack as the yellow powder. Each pack treats 250 liters of water.

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This antibacterial agent is for use in freshwater in case of a typical bacterial disease such as Columnaris disease, fin rot, gill rot as well as infections by Aeromonas or Pseudomonas bacteria. The treatment can also be used in case of an infection by ectoparasites such as fish leeches, fish lice or parasitic crustaceans affecting the gills, as to prevent secondary infections at the injured skin spots.

Symptoms of bacterial disease are white to grayish-white spots. Blood spots and sores on the skin, also infections on and around the fish’s anus and on the edges of the fins. Dropsy, recognizable by the protruding of scales, a bloated body, and bulging eyes. A cotton wool-like fluff around the mouth, white-gray nodules on the head and fins and an agitated swimming motion at the bottom of the aquarium. White edges of the fins and sometimes complete destruction of the fins.

Directions for use: Mix with water and shake well before using! Remember, each gram of the powder treats 50 liters of water. Use every 3 (three) days till the fish gets better (max 5 times per course). During treatment do not filter with active carbon! Aerate the water very well! Filter through carbon and conduct a partial water change two days after the last treatment. To help the fish increase their natural resistance to diseases, our AquaDip Health Conditioner+ (Immune System Protector) should also be used.

Notes: Not to be used in conjunction with animals used for human consumption. Keep under lock and key and out of reach of children and pets. Store at room temperature and away from light. The antibacterial agent is good for all freshwater aquariums. When applying this antibacterial agent do not use products manufactured by other companies.

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