Volumetric Stones for Water Purification in the Sump


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Volumetric Stones for Water Purification in the Sump

This natural material is a mineral of sedimentary volcanic origin. Due to the porous structure and the ability to retain toxic compounds in it, zeolite finds application not only in aquariums, but also in medicine, technology and other fields.

Based on the above, it becomes clear that the main purpose of zeolite in an aquarium is chemical filtration. With its help, you can lower the level of ammonia and ammonium, eliminate toxic compounds dissolved in water. But it is worth remembering that the level of phosphates and nitrates will also inevitably decrease. Zeolite also has the ability to acidify water. It can be used for all biological internal filters, external filters, drop purification filtration systems and garden pond filters.

Usage: After transportation, the bio filter media may have ceramic dust on surface. Please understand it. The new bio filter should be washed with fresh water before usage. After using in fish tank , if the bio filter need to be washed , wash it with aquarium water , do not use tap or boiled water.

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