Test Set Water Analysis with Evaluation Via App


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Good water quality is essential for the fish and plants in your aquarium. Regular testing of water quality values helps ensure fish live healthy happy and long lives. Water quality is the result of many factors such as : plants fish aquarium volume etc. as well as external factors such as overfeeding type of water added the filter used and duration and amount of lighting etc.

Test Set Water Analysis with Evaluation Via App
Test Set Water Analysis with Evaluation Via App

24 analysis strips for digital evaluation with the JBL ProScan app.

These analysis strips are specially designed for the JBL ProScan app.

They can only be evaluated with the colour reference chart in the JBL ProScan and the free JBL ProScan app.


  • Dip the analysis strip into the water for 2 – 3 seconds, shake it
  • Lay it on the colour reference chart.
  • Using the free ProScan app (in the Apple Store & Google Play Store) select the water type
  • Scan the colour chart like a QR code and wait a short time for the result (the app will calculate how long it takes). The result will be displayed in mg / l, ° hardness and the pH value.
  • The values will be evaluated by the app (good – medium – poor), and it will also make recommendations for the optimization.
Test Set Water Analysis with Evaluation Via App

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