Stainless Steel Aquatic Plants Tools


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Stainless steel aquarium tools suite for small or thin water plants, help trim excess parts, It won’t hurt the plant’s cross-section, more convenient than using a hand.

Superior quality stainless steel will never suffer rust if rinse and dry after each use also will last for a long time. No pollution to water, maintain healthy life water for fishes.

Designed according to the human engineering principle, provides an easy and convenient operation. Specially designed delicate clip end, help grip stuff securely without ever slipping off.

You can be used for clipping and removing withered and decaying leaves from aquarium plants,perfect for aquatic pruning, rearranging, maintaining, cleaning, trimming, grooming and planting, maintenance that does not disturb the rest of the decor / plants.


Stainless Steel Aquatic Plants Tools

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