Silent Aquarium Filter


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Experience unobtrusive filtration with our Silent Aquarium Filter, designed to handle aquariums up to 0.8 meters in depth effortlessly.

This powerful filter integrates seamlessly into your aquatic environment, ensuring a tranquil ambiance without sacrificing performance.

Silent Aquarium Filter
  • Efficient Power Supply: Equipped with a 14W motor, this filter provides robust performance with a minimal noise profile, perfect for maintaining a peaceful environment.
  • Optimal Filtration Capacity: With an impressive flow rate of 800L/h and a maximum head of 1.5 meters, it ensures thorough water circulation and filtration, keeping your water crystal clear.
  • Durable Filter Media: Includes a high-quality filter sponge designed to trap debris effectively while supporting beneficial bacterial growth for a healthier aquarium.
  • Convenient Hose Attachments: Comes with two 1.5-meter lengths of 16mm boutique hose, facilitating easy setup and flexible placement.
  • Reliable Voltage Compatibility: Operates on a standard 220-240V outlet, making it suitable for a wide range of residential settings.

Whether you’re setting up a new tank or upgrading your existing filtration system, the Silent Aquarium Filter is your go-to solution for maintaining a pristine aquatic environment with whisper-quiet operation.

Silent Aquarium Filter

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