Professional 3-In-1 Aquarium Automatic Time Controller

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With this digital programmable timer which has 3 plug sockets, You can control your fish tank aquarium lighting system, heater, cooler, filter, water pump, wavemaker, dosing pump, Or other household appliances that requires regular opening and closing.


  • Programs both weekly or hourly for full control over your aquarium lights , wave makers and dosing pump.
  • 3 plug sockets ,Individual Control.
  • UP to 15 ON and OFF switches a day.
  • Minimum of 1 minute setting.

Package includes:

  • 1 Programmable Digital Timer Socket
  • 1 Plug adapter for local use (US / EU / AU standard adapter, please leave a message to us)
About 18 x 11 x 5 cm
AC Input Range
160 ~ 240 V, 50 Hz
Total Maximum Load
2500 W, 16 A
Minimum Time Setting
1 minute
Max Time Setting
168 hours (7 days)
Switches Setting
Up to 15 ON and OFF switches
0.3 seconds
  • Socket Style: We will send the socket jacks of style A or style B, depending on our stock and your country plug standard.

1, Setting the time:

Press and hold the CLOCK key. With the CLOCK key held pressed, the WEEK key can be used to select the correct day (), the HOUR key to select the correct hour, and the MIN key to select the correct minutes.

2, Programming of switching timers:

(1) Press the PROG key once to set the first on time- you will see “1 ON” appear on the left of the LCD display. This indicates that you can now enter the first ON timer. Press the WEEK button to choose the required day or block of days (Cycles from Monday to Sunday for seven days, Monday to Friday for five days, Saturday to Sunday for two days, or one day of the week),  and then set the hour and minutes using the HOUR and MIN buttons.

(2) Press the CH1-3 button; let the arrow ▶ on the right of the LCD display point to CH1, CH2 OR CH3, to choose the required plug.

(3) Press the PROG button to validate the entry and move on to the first OFF time- you will see “1 OFF” appears on the left of the LCD display. This indicates that you can now enter the first off time by using the Date of WEEK, HOUR, and MIN buttons as above. Press the PROG button to validate this entry.

(4) Continue to press the “PROG” button, and “2 ON, 2 OFF, 3 ON, 3 OFF, …, 15 ON, 15 OFF” will be displayed in the lower left of the display. Refer to steps (1), (2), and (3) to set the switch’s time.

(5) When you have set the required ON/OFF settings, press the CLOCK button to return the display to the clock. The timer will now be ready to operate. You can check the settings you have programmed by pressing the PROG button repeatedly- each setting will appear on the screen.

3, Manual override:

You can choose permanent manual ON, permanent Manual OFF, and AUTO by pressing the ON/OFF Button. Each mode will be displayed on the screen. The programmed settings only work on the AUTO mode.

4, Reset Button:

To reset the unit, both the time and programmed ON/OFF settings, Press the RESET button.

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