Coconut Fiber Reptile Carpet


Coconut Fiber Reptile Carpet is an innovative and eco-friendly solution for reptile enclosures, designed with functionality and sustainability in mind.

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Discover the ideal blend of functionality and sustainability with this Coconut Fiber Reptile Carpet. Made entirely from natural coconut fibers, this carpet is an eco-friendly option for your reptile’s habitat. The coir pads are tightly woven, ensuring a structure that is both light and flexible, while offering superior breathability and water retention. This makes it an excellent choice for maintaining a healthy and comfortable environment for your pet.Plant Fiber Reptile Carpet

The carpet’s durability is enhanced with its dirt tolerance, crafted from cocoa fiber lining that resists stains and is incredibly easy to maintain. Cleaning is a breeze—simply shake off any debris, rinse with water, and hang to dry. This low-maintenance carpet not only keeps your pet’s area clean but also contributes to a naturalistic aesthetic in their enclosure.

Plant Fiber Reptile Carpet

Key Features:

Material: 100% natural coconut fiber.

Light & Flexible: Woven for optimum breathability and water retention.

Dirty Tolerant: Stain-resistant and easy to clean for hassle-free maintenance.

Ideal for a variety of reptile enclosures, this Coconut Fiber Reptile Carpet combines practicality with eco-consciousness, ensuring your pet thrives in a natural, healthy habitat.

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