Oxygenation Aquarium Air Pump


Introducing our Oxygenation Aquarium Air Pump, the pinnacle of efficiency and tranquility for your aquatic environment. Crafted with precision engineering, this air pump boasts high efficiency, ensuring optimal oxygenation while saving energy. Its ultra-quiet operation creates a serene atmosphere, allowing your aquatic friends to thrive undisturbed.


With stable performance and a large, reliable output, this air pump delivers a uniform stream of air, promoting the well-being of your fish and other aquatic life. The innovative shell design effectively reduces noise, guaranteeing a truly silent experience for you and your underwater companions.

Available in single, double, and four-exhaust port configurations, this air pump is suitable for a variety of tank sizes, from small to large. The four-vent kit ensures consistent air output even in water as deep as 1.5 meters, providing optimal oxygenation regardless of your tank’s dimensions.

Versatile and adaptable, our air pump is not limited to aquarium use alone; it’s also perfect for oxygenating seafood tanks and similar applications. Choose from multiple voltage options and power cord lengths to suit your setup requirements.

With a range of power options and air volumes per minute, you can customize the oxygenation levels to meet the specific needs of your aquatic ecosystem. Plus, with electronic air volume adjustment available on select models, fine-tuning the airflow has never been easier.

Elevate your underwater world with our Oxygenation Aquarium Air Pump, where efficiency, tranquility, and optimal performance converge to create the perfect aquatic environment for your beloved marine life.

3 W220 V/50 Hz, 110 V/60 Hz16 kPa2 L/Min0.5 m
5 W220 V/50 Hz, 110 V/60 Hz18 kPa3 L/Min1.2 m
8 W220 V/50 Hz, 110 V/60 Hz18 kPa2 x 3 L/Min1.2 m
10 W220 V/50 Hz, 110 V/60 Hz22 kPa2 x 3.5 L/Min1.2 m
12 W220 V/50 Hz, 110 V/60 Hz22 kPa4 x 4 L/Min1.2 m
14 W 220 V/50 Hz, 110 V/60 Hz22 kPa4 x 10 L/Min1.2 m

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