Natural Volcanic Rock for Aquarium

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Natural material volcanic black lava is the best and absolutely safe to use, does not contain any toxic compounds and does not affect the chemical balance of the water.

Most decorations are purchased not only as a decoration of the bottom, but also as an important shelter / nesting element for fish and other animals.

The porous structure of lava stones will make an excellent natural biofilter, gradually repopulating with beneficial bacteria.

During operation, algae scum may form on the surface of the used products. To remove it, a simple mechanical cleaning under running water with a soft brush will be sufficient. When choosing a decoration and placing it in the aquarium, it is recommended to take into account the size of your fish and their number.

Since the natural stones are of natural origin and each decoration is unique, the final appearance of the product may differ from the picture.

Natura Volcanic Rock
About 2 – 4 cm
Quantity Option
1 Pc / 50 g / 100 g



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