Natural Terminalia Catappa Leaves For Aquarium

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The catappa leaves are suitable for arowana, blood parrot, flowerhorn fish, pterophyllum, dwarf cichlid, clown loach and most of the tropical fish, especially those caught from the river

Such leaves can help fish act more active, better prevent the bacterial infection, control the reproduction of moss and stabilize the color of the fish

After soaking the leaves in the water until the leaves putrefied, the water is indeed tend to have lower PH level, whose effect is according to the number of leaves, the water tank capacity and the soaking time. However, it is not the PH lowers liquids alternative, so it will not have the same effect as the medicine.

It is suggested to increase the number of the leaves underwater slowly. Even though your fish may like this kind of water, they still need some time to adapt to the changing water quality. If you never used these leaves before, please use 2 – 3 pieces in 1 meter fish tank at the first time.

Natural new leaves may cause some moisture or mildew. If that happen, you just need to place it in somewhere cool for 1 – 2 days. Please don’t place it under the sun, or it may lose some acid like tannic acid, oxalic acid, humic acid and folic acid and so on.

When the leaves start rotting, the acid inside like tannic acid, oxalic acid, humic acid and folic acid will be released to lower the PH level.

Some leaves may come with the holes bitten by the insect. This is because they are larger than other leaves, which are insects’ favorite leaves. But when insect bites the leaf, the leaf will release the folic acid until insect run away. And the acid will still remain in the leaves, which is one of the key things to improve the water quality.


  • Effective help and prevention of bacterial infection.
  • The most natural acid effect.
  • Naturally polish color and stability of fish color.
  • Promote the reproductive capacity of fish.
  • Help to control the propagation of moss.
  • The leaves can also decorate your fish tank to add more natural feelings.

How to use: Place the dry leaves into the filter slots, or tie them and place them into the tank directly, or clean and soak them in the water and pour the liquid into your fish tank until the tank water is a little yellow. The soak way is recommended, for the reason that you don’t need to gain the floating debris after that.

Natural Leaf
10 – 20 cm/pc
10 / 20 / 30 / 50 / 100 / 150 / 200 pcs

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8 reviews for Natural Terminalia Catappa Leaves For Aquarium

  1. R***h

    Fire!!! Second order already sent!

  2. J***n

    Large leaves in good condition. Arrived quickly and very good value.

  3. D***i

    Good product. Post received within a couple of weeks

  4. M***C

    Surprisingly not many broken leaves. They were packed nicely. I did not count how many in a bunch but I am assuming there is 50. I ordered 200. It came within a month of ordering to Canada. I just put 3 pieces in my tank so will provide update as it takes two to three days to sink and release tannins.

  5. C***B

    Arrived in under 2 weeks. Good tannin (or at least tannin-like) amounts.

  6. N***e

    thank you

  7. Customer

    I have to try if it works.

  8. E***g

    Shipping was super fast and only took about 10 days. The leaves look like they’re in good condition, not crushed from shipping. I’m use them once my tank is set up

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