Natural Coconut Husk Fiber


This natural coconut husk fibre, weighing approximately 100 grams, is crafted from 100% sterile natural coconut fibre.

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Natural Coconut Husk Fiber 

This premium-grade natural coconut husk fibre, weighing approximately 100 grams, is meticulously processed from 100% sterile, natural coconut fibre. This product is entirely dust-free, ensuring an exceptionally clean environment for your pets. It is characterized by its ultra-dry and non-humid nature, making it a superb choice for maintaining a healthy living space.

Ideal for a wide range of small birds such as parrots, finches, and canaries, this coconut husk fibre is perfect for nest-building.

It allows these birds to craft secure and comfortable nests, closely mimicking their natural habitats. The fibre’s soft and accommodating structure ensures optimal comfort for your feathered friends, promoting well-being and contentment.

Moreover, this versatile coconut husk fibre is not exclusive to birds. It also serves as excellent bedding for small furry pets, providing a soft, natural, and inviting layer in their enclosures. Whether you own birds or small mammals, this product offers a sustainable and eco-friendly bedding solution that supports the health and comfort of various pet species, making it an indispensable addition to any pet care routine.

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