Natural Cleaned Pine Root


Enhance the allure and serenity of your aquarium with our Natural Cleaned Pine Root. Immerse these pre-soaked roots effortlessly into your tank, creating an enchanting display of organic beauty and profound depth in an instant.


Crafted with meticulous care, the subtle hues of this pine root beautifully transform the appearance of your water, captivating all who behold its mesmerizing charm. The result? A visually stunning aquatic habitat that will leave everyone speechless.

Not only is this botanical masterpiece a sight to behold, but it also diligently caters to the needs of your aquatic companions. Our Natural Cleaned Pine Root boasts perfect pH neutrality, ensuring a harmonious environment conducive to their thriving existence.

Bid farewell to worries about tedious preparations! For we present you with our soaked pine root – eliminating any concerns over dryness and saving valuable time on soaking rituals. This treasure arrives ready for immediate use, allowing you to delve straight into transforming your underwater world.

Embrace elegance and fascination effortlessly with our Natural Cleaned Pine Root – meticulously curated for those seeking professionalism while indulging in nature’s wonders beneath the tranquil surface.

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200 – 350 g, 400 – 700 g, 600 – 800 g, 800 – 2200 g


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