Natural Catappa and Almond Leaves for Aquarium

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  • Effective help and prevention of bacterial infection.
  • The most natural acid effect.
  • Naturally polish color and stability colour.
  • Promoted the reproductive capacity of fish.
  • Helping to control the propagation of moss.

How to use:

  • This magic leaf can be placed in any filter, filter system, or water where the replacement should take every two weeks. Note: Water after using leaves was weak acid, yellowish colour.
  • Putting a leaf in 10 to 15 liters of water can keep the fish active and healthy. Extend our cycle of changing water from every other day to every 6 – 7 days. Leaves can be kept in water for 1 week. Less chlorine water can improve its efficiency.
  • Leaves can float in the cylinder to increase the frequency of reproduction. Because the male likes to build his bubble lair below the dry leaves.
  • We can also use this leaf to treat bacterial infections. Crush a leaf into a small tank of about 1 L, changing the water every other day for the sick fish. For a week, avoid direct sunlight, and maintain the temperature of about 28 -29 degrees.


  • Material: Leaf
  • Size: 15 – 30 cm
  • Colour: Brown

Package includes:

  • 50 PCS leaves (without retail package)

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