Live Brine Shrimp (Artemia)


Brine Shrimps are a fantastic live food, they are used often on conditioning fish for spawning and are also obviously very popular for usage in the Marine Aquarium where small fish like damsels and clown fish will avidly eat them also some coral and polyp types also enjoy the live food.


The product which is offered is the high-quality Live Brine Shrimps. It is suggested that Live Brine Shrimp should stored and held at cold temperatures, this is a way of preserving the nutritional quality while maintaining a live food. Each of the bags should be placed in the refrigerator. The brine shrimp should remain alive for a few days for later feedings. Simply pour the brine shrimp into a fine mesh net, rinse with fresh water, and feed. Uneaten brine shrimp will not foul your aquarium but do feed according to your aquatic animals and aquarium size.

Enriched Brine Shrimp has become the most popular feed for fish bred in domestic aquariums or industrial ponds over the past decade. This amazing species won its reputation not only thanks to its nourishment value but also it’s way of reproduction and ability to survive the most extreme conditions. Enriched Brine Shrimp (Artemia) closely duplicate the nutritional value of many of the small freshwater crustaceans found in the natural habitats of our fishes. They have the added advantage of being enriched by special micro foods containing extra vitamins and amino acids to condition most freshwater and marine tropical fish. Moreover, they are free from freshwater parasites and bacteria since they come from water with heavy salt concentrations.

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