Weighed Live Bloodworm (Large Size)


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Large size (15 – 30 mm) Bloodworms dewatered on a piece of paper. The water has been removed to make a net weight of the worms for cheaper postage.

Bloodworm is the bright red larvae of a non-biting midge of Chironomidae family mostly found in stagnant or slow-moving waters. The bloodworm has red iron-porphyrin protein in its blood and tissue which gives it its characteristic colour. This rich of hemoglobin larva is very important in the wild aquatic food chain. It’s one of the primary live foods fed to virtually all freshwater aquatic animals such as fish, frogs, shrimp, snails, salamanders, crabs, crayfish, etc. It is very readily taken by all of them. Feeding live bloodworms to your aquatic animals you will find them much healthier maintaining their true colours. It’s a perfect food for conditioning and breeding your aquatic animals. These worms are laboratory-produced, free of parasite creatures.

Upon the arrival of your Bloodworms thoroughly rinse them with chemical-free pre-chilled water at approximately +5°…10°C until their runoff water is clear and clean. When placing them in your live Bloodworms keeper or other containers make sure that your worms are no thicker than 1 cm. Keep a low 2 – 3 cm level of cool freshwater above them without covering their container since they need to be able to breathe. Keep your bloodworms in a fridge at +3°…4°C. To keep your worms fresh they should be rinsed at least once a day. Use only chemical-free pre-chilled water at the same temperature you keep them in when rinsing. Do not use aquarium or room temperature water. You do not have to feed your bloodworms. Uneaten worms will not foul your aquarium, but do feed according to your aquatic animals and aquarium size.

Another way to use bloodworms is fishing. In the analysis, bloodworm is quoted to be approximately 8 crude percent protein and approximately 45% – 63% protein as dry matter. The use of fresh or stabilized liquidized bloodworm is highly effective used in many forms of baits. Match fishermen use a particular method of fishing live-moving bloodworm by mixing it with fine clay powder to form balls of ground bait that keep fish feeding without filling them up as might bread-based or more ground bait. There are many lessons with bloodworms that anglers can take from match fishing including the use of swim feeders, method feeders and loose feeding methods using bloodworms in combination with bloodworm pellets, maggots, and joker and so on. Bloodworm and joker are extremely effective bait that can increase your catches massively on the right venue.

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