Komodo Rainforest Canopy


Enhance your reptile habitat with the Komodo Rainforest Canopy. This artificial rainforest plant offers a lifelike hiding place for reptiles and live food. With its flexible stems and customizable shape, it creates a realistic environment. The included weighted base keeps the 38 cm / 15″ tall canopy upright.


Introducing the Komodo Rainforest Canopy – the perfect addition to your reptile habitat. Crafted with artificial rainforest plants, this innovative product offers a lifelike environment for your reptiles, providing them with an ideal hiding place and a natural experience.

Designed with meticulous attention to detail, the Komodo Rainforest Canopy features a two-tiered foliage arrangement that adds depth and realism to your terrarium. The flexible stems allow you to shape and adjust the canopy according to your preferences, giving you complete control over the aesthetic appeal of your reptile’s habitat.

Measuring approximately 38 cm / 15″ in height, this rainforest canopy delivers the perfect size for most reptile enclosures. Its compact yet spacious design ensures a comfortable space for your reptiles to explore and seek shelter, mimicking the natural rainforest environment they thrive in.

Not only does the Komodo Rainforest Canopy provide a visually striking element to your terrarium, but it also serves a practical purpose. With a weighted base included, you can rest assured that this plant will remain upright and stable, even in the most active reptile environments.

So why settle for ordinary when you can create an extraordinary reptile habitat with the Komodo Rainforest Canopy? Order now and give your reptiles the realistic rainforest experience they deserve.

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