Komodo Combined Thermometer & Hygrometer Digital


Keeping track of the temperature and humidity levels inside an enclosure is critical for reptile species’ well-being. The Combined Digital Thermometer & Hygrometer combines both of these measurements into a single gauge that can be easily fitted into any terrarium. It has a large, easy-to-interpret digital display that provides readings in both Celsius and %RH.


Measure both the temperature and the humidity levels in your reptile terrarium with a Komodo Combined Thermometer & Hygrometer Digital, all in one unit from Swell Reptiles and at our consistently low prices.

Humidity and temperature are two of the most vital environmental factors for the health and happiness of your reptile, and by closely monitoring both with a Komodo Combined Thermometer & Hygrometer Digital, you can take swift action should either of these two factors exceed or drop below their optimum levels.

Especially useful for those keeping rainforest reptiles like chameleons or crested geckos, these thermos-hygrometers allow you to simulate their natural environment.

With a dual gauge that displays both temperature and humidity simultaneously and 2 remote sensor probes to collect data from your terrarium, this is simply one of the best thermometer and hygrometer combinations available.

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