Fish Spawn Trigger



Every 100 ml of Fish Spawn Trigger can treat 1,000 litres of water. L-Lysine and L-Ornithine amino acids of pharmaceutical quality accelerate spawning and significantly increase the chance of pregnancy. University research has demonstrated that these two proteins are necessary to induce spawning in fish. Spawn Trigger also contains bioabsorbable, aquatic versions of stabilised vitamin C, as well as complex B2 and B12, which increase egg and fry growth and cellular strength.


  • For all live-bearing & egg-laying fish.
  • Formulated with amino acids of pharmaceutical quality.
  • This product contains micro-absorbable L-Lysine to improve fertility.
  • L-Ornithine is present for enhanced development and vitality.
  • Promotes vibrant hues and a wholesome look in offspring.
  • Creates the optimal setting for reproduction.
  • Contains amino acids beneficial to conception.
  • Colour enhancement during development.

Directions For Use:

Always shake the container well before using it. Three times a week, add 5 ml per 75 litres of water. Once the fish have spawned, add 5 ml per 75 litres of water weekly for four to six weeks for egg/fry development. Refer to a detailed guide on fish breeding for optimum outcomes. The image displayed is for illustrative purposes only.

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