External Canister Aquarium Filter


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The External Canister Aquarium Filter is designed for exceptional performance in small-sized aquariums, offering highly efficient filtration capabilities. It features a generous filter volume that enhances the cleanliness and quality of aquarium water.

This filter is equipped with an autostart function that allows for fully automatic self-priming, facilitated by an inlet integrated directly into the pump, ensuring ease of operation.

With its adjustable throughflow, users have the flexibility to modify the flow rate or even switch it off entirely directly from the filter canister, providing control over the water dynamics within the aquarium.

The filter comes completely outfitted with a coarse filter pad, fine filter pad, and a bio-filter medium (SUBSTRATpro), all working in conjunction to remove impurities and support a healthy aquatic environment.

External Canister Aquarium Filter

Additionally, the pump features an extendable inlet grill, allowing for customizable intake based on specific tank requirements. The adjustable outflow system includes options such as a nozzle, spray bar, wide jet nozzle, elbow, and connection pieces, offering versatility in how water is returned to the tank. This external canister filter is ideal for aquarium enthusiasts who seek a robust, adaptable, and easy-to-maintain filtration solution.


Flow Rate350L
Pump Size5.2 x 21 cm
In / Out Hose12/16


ModelFilter VolumeFilter Bucket VolumeBarrel SizeAquarium volume
400.8 L1 L12.8 x 19.1 cm20 – 40 L
601.3 L1.5 L12.8 x 24.1 cm30 – 60 L


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