Esklarin with Aloe Vera Water Conditioner


Esklarin is especially recommended when introducing a new aquarium, doing water changes, or for use in quarantine and rehabilitation of diseased fish. Featuring aloe vera extract, it’s an ideal way to treat raw tap water meant to fill the aquarium.


Esklarin with aloe provides the powerful protection your fish needs to survive and thrive. Not only does it neutralize heavy metal salt, which is poisonous to fish, but also helps to keep its skin, gills, and eyes safe from the harsh effects of fresh tap water. Likewise, an anti-stress element actively calms frightened fish that are going through cleaning procedures or being acclimated to new water conditions. On top of that, Aloe soothes abrasions while boosting epidermal regeneration and reducing inflammation risk. Finally, it strengthens your fish’s immune system and improves digestive health – all positive benefits! We recommend pairing it with Antychlor.

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50 ml, 100 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml


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