Esklarin Pond Water Conditioner


Tropical Esklarin Pond is a preparation for the treatment of tap water for pond filling.


Highly recommended for setting up new ponds, after regular water changes in small ponds, and when fish are in aquariums or other tanks for quarantine or recovery. Esklarin Pond neutralizes toxic heavy metal salts, protects the gills, epidermis and fins of fish from the aggressive activity of tap water and accelerates the healing of damage to the epidermis caused during transport or fishing out of the fish. In addition, it relieves stress, which makes transport and settling in much easier.

Application: 25 ml/500 l tap water. Always when setting up a new pond and after a complete or partial water change. Use prophylactically when transporting fish. Strong aeration of the pond supports the activity of the preparation. Tap water that has been disinfected with chlorine compounds should be treated with Antychlor Pond, which can be used together with Esklarin Pond.

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