Ecoclar Water Conditioner


Tropical Ecoclar is a preparation based on natural minerals intended for use in freshwater aquariums.


Tropical Ecoclar is a natural mineral-based solution meant for freshwater aquariums. When added to the water, it quickly begins to filter impurities, such as particles causing turbidity and odors due to both organic and chemical contaminants. Its fine composition of minerals form a three-dimensional network that absorbs these substances.

The Ecoclar preparation ensures that the water in the aquarium is purified of any organic or chemical contaminants, such as ammonium ions (NH4+), while also providing a crystal clear view. Not only does this improve the look of the aquarium, but also creates better living conditions for any aquatic organisms present. Ecoclar is completely safe for all inhabitants of the aquaria.

How to Use: 20 ml (1 cap)/100 l of water. Before administration, the preparation should be shaken vigorously for a while. Ecoclar makes the water in the aquarium cloudy after application. This is a natural phenomenon. During this time, mineral particles gradually remove impurities from the water. Water cloudiness may persist for up to 24 hours. After this time, the water in the aquarium becomes crystal clear. Does not require water changes after use.

Attention! Do not use simultaneously with other aquarium preparations. Use other means after at least one day.

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