Duopack Food Supervit & Esklarin for Water


Set consisting of Tropical Supervit (12 g) and Esklarin (10 ml).


Tropical Supervit (12 g) food is a complete flake food of the highest quality, developed to meet the daily dietary needs of all aquarium fish. It contains 8 different flakes, which have been tailored for the various nutritional requirements found among community-housed fish. The formula boasts a natural immunostimulant, Beta‑1.3/1.6‑Glucan plus stabilized Vitamin C; both effectively strengthening immunity and defending against infection. Cellulose tissue & chitin aid digestion and wick away constipation while carotenes boost colour and lecithin boosts vitality and helps stimulate spawning.

Ingredients: proteins from fish, shrimp and small invertebrates of the sea, vegetable proteins from algae, yeast and soybeans, cereal products, vegetable meal, algae, oils and fats, lecithin, exogenous amino acids (including L-lecetin), carotenoids, a set of multivitamins, mineral salts and trace elements, a natural immunostimulant BETA-1.3 / 1.6-GLUCAN, additional components: dyes and antioxidants approved by EU standards.

Esklarin (10 ml) with aloe extract is particularly recommended for use when establishing a new aquarium, in the event of partial water changes, or when fish are in quarantine or convalescence. It helps neutralize toxic heavy metal salts in tap water to protect the fish’s skin, gills and eyes from its harsh effects. Additionally, it has a calming effect on fish that can be scared by processing within the aquarium, while transport and adapting to new environments. Aloe also helps speed up the healing of abrasions, reducing any inflammation that may occur. Furthermore, it stimulates the immune system of fish and positively affects their digestive functions.

Dosage: 10 ml per 50 liters of water.

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