Digital Fish Tank Thermometer


Introducing the Digital Fish Tank Thermometer, a convenient and accurate tool designed for monitoring water temperature in aquariums.


Crafted from PET and featuring a liquid crystal display, this thermometer ensures precise temperature readings within a range of 18 to 34 degrees Celsius. With an accuracy of ±2°C, it provides reliable data critical for maintaining optimal conditions for aquatic life.

Measuring 13 x 3 cm, its compact size allows for easy placement on the outer wall of any aquarium. The thermometer’s digital display boasts clear, enlarged fonts, enhancing readability at a glance.

Functionality is further enhanced by its color-coded temperature indicators: green indicates the current temperature, blue signals temperatures slightly below optimal, and brown indicates temperatures slightly above optimal, enabling prompt adjustments to ensure a stable environment.

Simple to use, just remove the protective backing and affix the thermometer to the clean outer wall of the tank. This ensures hassle-free installation and immediate temperature monitoring, making it an essential accessory for aquarium enthusiasts seeking to maintain the well-being of their aquatic pets.


  • Material: PET + liquid crystal
  • Temperature measurement accuracy: 2 °C
  • Temperature measurement range: 18 ~ 34 ℃
  • Size: 13 x 3 cm

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