Coral Rack


Growing stone for the placement of corals. Consists of a highly porous ceramic stone with a Live Rock Function. Suitable for fresh and sea water. It enables the highly decorative integration on the aquarium glass pane.


The Coral Rack nano is an ideal growing stone for corals, featuring a highly porous ceramic rock with its Live Rock function, boasting indentations suitable for 6 coral fragments and Reef Plugs. This product is great for both fresh and sea water aquariums, boasting a decorative integration on the glass pane and a powerful magnetic holder that makes it ideal for up to 15 mm of glass thickness. When underwater, the rack can hold up to 1 kg of dry weight with 12 mm of glass thickness – but this decreases down to 0.5 kg when the total thickness is 15 mm.

Additional information

Weight1.3 kg