CMF Pond Water Conditioner


CMF POND pond preparation can provide a variety of applications to assist in the fight against pathogenic bacteria and fungi.


CMF Pond is an effective agent for eliminating dangerous pathogens in ponds or tanks. It is effective at combating both algae and bacteria, and is especially recommended when fish pox caused by ballworm appears. For further protection, a fish bath outside of the tank should be used as well.

Dosage: Use long-term baths in the pond lasting from 7 to 14 days, adding 25 ml of the preparation to 500 l of water. Replenish the agent every 3 days by adding 10ml per 500l of water. After the treatment, remove the remains of the preparation by filtering the water through activated carbon.

Attention: Do not use together with other preparations for water pond. Preparation for ponds with ornamental fish, not intended for consumption and food processing.

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