Calcium Sulfate Holiday Food Tablet


Biologically balanced slow-release Calcium Sulfate Holiday Food Tablets for all types of tropical and coldwater fish. For healthy feeding fun and exciting variety. Perfect for feeding your aquarium or pond fish while you’re off on holidays for a period of up to 14 – 20 days.

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The Calcium Sulfate Holiday Food Tablets are a complete balanced food for all types of tropical and coldwater fish. The tablet slowly releases food throughout the day until the complete tablet is dissolved. It will take approximately 14 – 20 days depending on how many fishes you feed. Each tablet weighs 25 grams, measures 5 cm in diameter and consists of 98.6% of calcium sulfate, daphnia, fish and shrimp derivates, cereals, vegetable oil and colourants. The food is rich in protein and becomes soft layer by layer from the outside to the inside, so only the corresponding outer layer is being eaten off. The rest of the tablet remains stable and fresh. The fish are thus well supplied with all essential nutrients for over 14 – 20 days. Overfeeding is virtually impossible since the food becomes soft only slowly and must be worked for by grazing. The water is not polluted. The tablet is also absolutely perfect for your shrimps and snails as a source of calcium.

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