Bluetooth-Connected Digital Aquarium Water Quality Analyzer

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  • Large screens display PH, temperature, EC, CF, TDS measurement results. Fully functional, high accuracy, low price.
  • Wall mount design, easy installation, operation and maintenance.
  • Equipped with BNC composite electrode, facilitate the replacement.
  • According to customer requirements with power adapter.
  • Special suitcase, built instruments, electrodes and all accessories and easy to use.
  • The device and the mobile phone can be connected together by Bluetooth, and the data can be controlled and recorded on the App.
Measuring range0.00 ~ 14.00 pH0℃~50℃

0~1999 us/cm

0.00~19.99 ms/cm

0~19990 ppm

0.00~19.99 ppt

Resolution0.01 pH0.1℃

1 us/cm

0.01 ms/cm

1 ppm

0.01 ppt

Accuracy±0.1 pH1.0℃

±2% F.S

±2% F.S




Automatic Temperature Compensation
0°C ~ 50°C
Operating Temperature
0°C ~ 50°C
Power Supply
DC 9 V (not included), with adaptor
95 x 61 x 20 mm
500 g


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