Blue Guard Pond Algae Control Agent


Blue Guard Pond is a preparation that is responsible for limiting the growth of algae in the pond.


Tropical preparations for ponds help create and maintain a home pond. They provide microelements, fundamental for fish organisms, and nutrients that ensure the lush growth and good health of aquatic plants. An important type of preparation is water treatment agents especially developed for tap water to be used in ponds. Most pond owners make use of tap water treated with chlorine or its compounds, which is toxic to fish, and these treatments make it safe for them.

Blue Guard Pond offers a simple and effective way to protect garden ponds from excessive algal growth. By coloring the water a blue hue, it limits the penetration of sunlight into the waterscape, successfully curtailing the expansion of undesirable algae. As such, this hinders the formation of green water, thus maintaining water transparency and beneficial environment for fish and flora. Additionally, Blue Guard Pond does not impede photosynthesis in other aquatic plants. The soothing blue hues it produces enhancements the beauty of koi and other ornamental fish inhabiting garden ponds.

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250 ml


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