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Biomax NO planaria frees your aquarium from planaria and hydra and other worms in just 3 days. Planaria is a worm species with a triangular head and can grow up to 4/5 centimeters. Planaria usually has one or two pairs of eyes and have a characteristic triangular or arrowshaped head.

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The main ingredient of NO planaria is the betelnut palm extract. The betel nut palm is a naturally occurring raw material that is extracted from the stem. The palm extract is toxic to worm-like organisms. No Planaria does not affect the water quality. The pH, GH and KH value remains stable. No Planaria has no negative effect on shrimps, water plants and important bacteria in the water or filter material and has been repeatedly tested successfully against planaria.

Main components: Betel nut palm extract.


First day: 1 full measuring spoon for 50 liters of water.
Second day: 1/2 measuring spoon for 50 liters of aquarium water.
Third day: 1/4 measuring spoon for 50 liters of aquarium water.
Adjust quantity to the content of the aquarium.

After 72 hours (3 days) the treatment is completed and a 50% water change is recommended. Please note, always monitor your waste parameters like NH3/NH4 – NO2 to ensure they do not exceed critical levels. When a lot of planaria/worms die at once these levels can rise in the aquarium and a immidiate water change can be done when parameters reach near critital levels.

Do not use NO planaria in combination with wanted snails. This is for safety reasons, because not all species / groups could be thoroughly tested. There have been tests with about 20 different types of snails with no strange cases.

Note: Biomax NO planaria kills snails and planaria, which causes a lot of waste to enter the water when these animals perish. Keep an eye on your water values ​​and ensure a quick removal of dead animals!

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