Biological Filter Media FM-01

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Aquarium BioFilter for Water Cleaner

The main raw material for the home of far infrared bacteria is tourmaline, it will be electrified by an electrostatic effect, because of its unique chemical properties, it can emit far-infrared light, stimulating negative oxygen ions, to improve fish metabolism, increase oxygen capacity. This filter also contains kaolinite, which can complement rich minerals and trace elements. Under certain conditions, these substances slowly decompose and are absorbed by fish. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, as it is specially designed to work effectively in various filtration systems, such as pond filters, top filters, and aquariums.

  • Improves water quality and clarity.
  • Large surface area for lifting good material.
  • Reusable, just rinse them from time to time and put them back in the tank.
  • Application: freshwater aquariums, reservoirs, aquaculture, and ponds.

Care to Use (Attention):

  • After transportation, the bacteria house may have ceramic dust on the surface. Please understand.
  • The new bacteria house should be washed with fresh water before usage.
  • After using in a fish tank, if the bacteria house needs to be washed, wash it with aquarium water, do not use tap or boiled water.
Aquarium BioFilter for Water Cleaner
Aquarium BioFilter for Water Cleaner
Aquarium BioFilter for Water Cleaner
Aquarium BioFilter for Water Cleaner

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