Bio-Vials for Aquarium

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Enhance your aquarium’s health and aesthetics with Prodibio’s Bio-Vials, a comprehensive range of specialized treatments tailored for both freshwater and marine ecosystems.


Enhance Your Aquarium’s Health and Beauty with Prodibio’s Premium Bio-Vials

1. BioDigest (30 Vials)

Transform your aquarium’s environment with BioDigest, a blend of live bacterial strains designed for superior cleaning and biological filtration. This formula reduces nitrates and phosphates, prevents algae growth, and efficiently converts harmful ammonia into safer compounds. Ideal for both fresh and marine water aquariums, BioDigest is perfect when starting a new tank or maintaining ongoing purity, with a recommended dosage of one vial per 100L every 15 days.

2. Bioptim (30 Vials)

Nourish your aquatic life with Bioptim, enriched with essential microelements like amino acids, enzymes, and natural vitamins. This powerful supplement fosters the cellular metabolism of bacteria in saltwater aquariums and enhances the digestion of organic waste, helping eliminate nitrates and phosphates efficiently. For tanks ranging from 120L to 200L, administer one vial every 15 days to maintain optimal conditions.

3. BioTrace (30 Vials)

BioTrace offers a comprehensive solution for freshwater aquariums, providing vital trace elements such as iron, calcium, and zinc that are crucial for plant and fish health. It accelerates organic matter digestion and improves water quality when used alongside BioDigest. Suitable for 100L tanks, use one vial every 15 days to achieve a vibrant and healthy aquarium.

4. BioVert (30 Vials)

Promote lush, healthy growth in your freshwater plants with BioVert, a nitrate and phosphate-free fertilizer. It provides bio-available iron and essential trace elements, ensuring robust plant health and vitality without harming sensitive species like shrimps. Administer one vial for every 120L to 200L of water every 15 days for best results.

5. Coral Vits (30 Vials)

Coral Vits is an essential multivitamin supplement for corals and marine fish, incorporating patented Neogoutte® technology for a balanced delivery of both water-soluble and lipophilic vitamins. It supports tissue repair and reduces stress, promoting healthy coral development especially during propagation phases. Use one vial per 100L every 15 days, particularly in conjunction with Reef Booster.

6. Stronti+ (30 Vials)

Essential for coral vitality in marine reef tanks, Stronti+ provides strontium, a key element for the development of hard corals and decorative red and coralline algae. Monitor your aquarium’s calcium levels to gauge the necessary dosage of Stronti+, with a recommendation of one vial per 60L every 15 days.

7. Reef Booster (30 Vials)

Boost your reef’s ecosystem with this high-concentration omega-3 fatty acid supplement. Reef Booster promotes the growth of corals, clams, and micro-fauna while aiding in nitrate and phosphate reduction. Ideal for 60L water tanks, apply one vial every 15 days to maintain a thriving marine environment.

8. Stop_Ammo (30 Vials)

Stop_Ammo offers immediate relief by trapping and neutralizing ammonia, reducing nitrites and preventing fish stress or death during critical periods such as tank initiation or after an accidental contamination. For use in both freshwater and marine settings, apply one vial per 100L every 15 days.

9. BioKit Reef (30 Vials)

The ultimate maintenance kit for reef aquariums, BioKit Reef combines BioDigest, Bioptim, Reef Booster, Iodi+, and Stronti+ in one convenient package. This comprehensive solution ensures your marine tank remains in peak condition, with a suggested dosage of one vial per 60L every 15 days.

Each type of Prodibio product needs to be ordered separately to ensure you receive the specialized treatment your aquarium requires for optimal health and clarity. Unlock the full potential of your aquatic setup with Prodibio’s Bio-Vials today!

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