Barrel Wall Mounted Filter

An attachment filter is optimal for small aquariums that have no place to install an aquarium filter within the aquarium.

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The mounted waterfall filter for a small aquarium with flow control is also universal, suitable for all types of freshwater and marine aquariums and aquaterrariums with aquatic reptiles.

The mounted filter does not take up space in the aquarium.

Does not create a strong current in the aquarium, performs the function of a skimmer breaks the film from the surface of the water.

The mounted filter can perform the decorative function of a waterfall.

The filter performs mechanical cleaning due to a large-pored sponge, collects the remains of feed and waste products of aquatic inhabitants.

Barrel Wall Mounted Filter
ModelPowerFlowSizeWire LenghtSuit for Fish Tank
XBL-4005 W300 L/h140 x 87 x 220 cm1.5 MMin. 40 cm
XBL-5007 W500 L/h165 x 95 x 260 cm1.5 MMin. 50 cm
XBL-3005 W300 L/h120 x 82 x 85 cm1.5 MMin. 30 cm
XBL-6007 W500 L/h195 x 100 x 300 mm1.5 MMin. 60 cm


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