Ballast Substances Sun-Dried Gammarus


Carefully and gently sun-dried Gammarus is an excellent food for pond and aquarium fish, turtles, terrapins, frogs, toads newts & birds. This great natural food will aid internal digestion and improve colour, skin and growth of your pets.


Gammarus is an amphipod crustacean genus in the family Gammaridae. The Ballast Substances Sun-Dried Gammarus is a natural food for carnivorous and omnivorous tropical fish, turtles and terrapins. This is a 100% natural sun-dried Gammarus shrimp to preserve nutrient content. Size varies from 1 to 2 cm. Rich in easily absorbed proteins (46% crude protein content) this food is an excellent source of ballast substances and chitin – a natural substance regulating digestive track. The shrimps contain natural carotenoid – a substance which intensifies colouration. We recommend this food for all your fish, reptiles and birds. The analytical components are crude protein 46%, crude fat 6%, crude fibre 4%, crude ash 22.5%, calcium 2.65%, phosphor 1.09%. Colourants: astaxanthin 33.6 mg/kg.

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