Bactinin Pond


Bactinin Pond live cultures of bacteria. Preparation with bacteria for garden ponds. It speeds up maturing of the garden pond and removes organic wastes.


Bactinin Pond is formulated with live strains and cultures of biologically active bacteria that reduce ammonia and nitrite levels in garden ponds. For new ponds with treated water, established ponds, after changing water or cleaning filters, and to treat fish, Bactinin Pond effectively speeds up the ripening process of the pond environment while promoting the development of nitrifying bacteria. If used regularly, it will help maintain biological balance in your pond.

Thanks to Bactinin Pond, containing special strains of bacteria designed to break down organic matter in the substrate and other decorations, taking care of your pond is made much easier. Regular water changes combined with this product promote a healthy environment for aquatic life even in mature ponds, reducing the need for manual removal of organic material. The result is clear and clean water that is safe for inhabitants.

Dosage: Immature garden ponds: 20 ml (1 capful) per 300 liters of water once a week, after 3 weeks dose as in mature garden ponds.

Mature garden ponds: 20 ml (1 capful) per 180 liters of water once a month.

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