Artificial Aquatic Plants

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Artificial Aquatic Plants are a safe and vibrant addition to any aquarium. The plants feature water leaves crafted from eco-friendly PVC, which does not degrade or discolour water quality like some artificially coloured plants can. These Artificial Aquatic Plants provide a realistic and visually appealing addition to any aquarium. Crafted with precision, these plants offer both aesthetic charm and practical benefits to your aquatic environment.

Water Leaves: These artificial plants feature meticulously simulated grass leaves and roots, constructed from eco-friendly PVC material. This high-quality material is safe for all aquatic life as it does not leach any harmful chemicals into the water or cause colour fading, ensuring the sustainability and aesthetic of your aquarium environment.

Ceramic Base: Each plant is anchored with a sturdy ceramic base, made from a blend of natural clay and various minerals. The ceramic is crushed and mixed to provide a non-toxic, harmless composition that boasts excellent stability underwater, adding to the overall robustness of the plant.

Size Specifications: The plants stand approximately 13 cm tall, making them a versatile fit for a wide range of aquarium sizes, from small desktop tanks to larger community aquariums.

Usage Instructions: Due to potential compression during packaging, the aquatic plants may appear deformed upon unboxing. To restore their intended shape, simply soak them in warm water ranging from 40° to 60° Celsius. This gentle method helps the plants regain their natural posture without damaging the material.

Ideal For: These artificial aquatic plants are perfect for aquarium enthusiasts seeking a maintenance-free option that still offers the natural beauty of real plants. Whether you are setting up a new tank or enhancing an existing one, these plants provide a touch of greenery without the upkeep required by live plants.

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