Aquarium Silicone Kelp

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Surfing pumps are recommended to use surfing pumps, so that the kelp leaves will float. Kelp itself does not emit light. If you want to have a fluorescent effect, it is recommended to use a fluorescent lamp.

  • It provides an excellent hiding place for fish.
  • They are definitely a safe choice for fish, and most importantly.
  • Provide beautiful decorations in your aquarium.
  • It is vivid and colorful, which can add a lively and natural life to your water tank.
  • These aquarium grasses have lifelike beauty and are easy to clean.
  • It can provide a place for the attachment of nitrifying bacteria.
  • Special environmental protection materials for aquariums, without any pollution or harm to aquarium organisms.
Aquarium Silicone Kelp

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