Aquarium Plastic Aquatic Plants


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The product is non-toxic, harmless and absolutely safe.

It has a very realistic effect in the aquarium landscaping, and it won’t be overturned by fish swimming in the water.

The leaves are bright in color and soft and moderate in texture, which is easy to clean, stable in water, and does not fade.

They can play an elegant and natural posture in the water, and the visual presentation in the water is very realistic, achieving the effect of fake and real.

Unlike live plants, artificial plants don’t need specialized lighting, fertilizers, nutritious substrates or carbon dioxide.

It does not affect water chemistry and related aquarium conditions. Provide your aquarium inhabitants a stress-free environment.

Plastic, Ceramic
Colour Option
Green, Pink, Purple
Approx 5.5 x 4.5 x 11 cm
68 g


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