Aquael Pond Filter


Complete biological and mechanical filtration adapted for continuous operation can be used both submerged and outside the reservoir.

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Filters from the MAXI series can be used in reservoirs or ponds. There are three types of filters in the AQUAEL range: MAXI is recommended for tanks with a volume of up to 5000 L, MAXI 1 is recommended for tanks with a volume of up to 10,000 l, and SUPER MAXI is recommended for use in tanks with a volume of up to 25.000 L.

Depending on the installation method, MAXI pond filters can be used as:

  • An external filter located on the shore of a reservoir or at the top of a waterfall.
  • A submersible filter placed at the bottom of the tank, together with a pump attached to the lid, which simultaneously functions as a fountain.

Set contents:

MAXI filters are standardly equipped with a set of filtration materials: brushes, sponge, BIO MAX balls and coconut mat. MAXI filters have all the elements necessary for installation both outside and inside the tank. The composition, in addition to the filter, contains pvc tubes with a rubber cap, 3 bolts, 3 screws and a stand.

The complete composition of filtration materials of the MAXI filter guarantees complete mechanical and biological filtration. An ultraviolet lamp can be attached to the MAXI filter, which additionally purifies the water from algae and prevents algae from blooming. The UV lamp is not standard equipment of the MAXI filter.

If the MAXI filter is to be used as a fountain, it is necessary to place the pump on the filter cover using a pump stand. A spray nozzle should be placed at the outlet of the pump, and the tip included with the filter should be screwed onto the inlet. Then we connect the pump with a connecting elbow to the suction pipe, which takes the already filtered water from the bottom of the filter and throws it through the nozzle onto the surface of the water.

When using the MAXI filter as an external filter, purified water comes out through the lower holes of the filter and is discharged through hoses into the reservoir. Positioning the filter above the waterfall allows you to use one of the lower tips for a waterfall or for a cascade. It is necessary to pay attention to the fact that the place of suction of filtered water by the pump and the outlet of already purified water are located sufficiently far from each other.

MAXI pond filters are standardly equipped with four layers of filtration media:

  • Brushes
  • Phenol-free sponge
  • Coconut mat
  • Polypropylene balls

These materials are arranged in layers. The brushes do a very good job of pre-cleaning, i.e. mechanical filtration. At the same time, they serve as an excellent substrate for the development of living bacterial cultures.

A phenol-free sponge is the next stage of mechanical filtration. It makes it especially easy for bacterial cultures responsible for removing biological contaminants from the reservoir to develop.

Coconut mat, due to its appropriate structure, is an excellent material for mechanical filtration and an excellent substrate for the development of bacterial cultures responsible for biological filtration.

Polypropylene balls have a ribbed surface and small holes on the poles. The essence of the action is to differentiate oxygen conditions for biological processes. Favorable conditions for aerobic oxidation of organic compounds are created on the outer surface of the balls. The inner surface of the balls acts as an oxygen-free microreactor, where processes of reduction of organic compounds occur, which, in turn, contributes to very effective water purification.


TypeEfficiencyRecommended PumpPond Volume
MAXI5500 L/hPFN 35005000 L
MAXI 15500 L/hPFN 3500/ ECO 6000/ ECO 800010000 L
SUPERMAXI8000 L/hPFN ECO 6000/ECO 8000/ ECO 1000025000 L

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Maxi (up to 5 m3), Maxi 1 (up to 10 m3), SuperMaxi (up to 25m3)