Aquael PAT Mini Internal Filter


A miniature internal filter for filtering and aeration in aquariums with shrimp and small fish.


The Pat Mini Aquarium filter with an open sponge and productive pump is designed for filtering in small and medium volumes. High bandwidth allows you to effectively clean the water of small and large particles of dirt. On a coarse sponge, particles of plants and food settled. They will serve as food for crustaceans in aquariums with shrimp.

The filter element is a substrate for the propagation of beneficial bacteria, which help maintain biological balance in the aquarium. The kit has a valve for supplying aeration. It is important to ensure that the aeration regulator is higher than the motor level. The filter is conveniently attached with a suction cup or a special holder. On the head of the filter in the front, the stream power regulator.


  • Power: 4 W
  • Efficiency: 400 L/h
  • Aquarium Capacity: 10 – 120 L

Additional information

Weight N/A

400 L/h, 400 L/h + Extra Sponge