Antychlor Water Conditioner


For best results when setting up a new aquarium or changing water in an existing tank, we recommend using Antychlor.


Antychlor quickly neutralizes poisonous chlorine, which can be present in tap water that has been disinfected with chlorine compounds. To accommodate fish safely and speedily, make sure to use the product along with strong aeration of water and elevating the temperature to the required level for a particular species of fish. After a few minutes, it is advised to add Esklarin to the aquarium in order to protect their delicate skin from harmful substances present in fresh water.


For new aquariums and each water change, add 10 ml into 100 liters of untreated tap water to ensure the desired temperature for any species of fish. Make sure to also provide adequate aeration and filtration.

Note! Do not use simultaneously with other aquarium preparations (except Esklarin).

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50 ml, 100 ml


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