Antychlor Pond Water Conditioner


Antychlor Pond is specially formulated for fast processing of untreated tap water used to fill up ponds.


Preparations specially designed for tropical ponds make it easier to establish and maintain a home pond. They contain microelements essential for the wellbeing of fish and nutrients that assist aquatic plants in growing lushly and looking their best. Moreover, one should consider using agents to treat tap water before adding it to the pond. Most people use tap water sanitized with chlorine or related compounds, which can be toxic for fish, so this extra treatment is important to ensure the safety of pond inhabitants.

Antychlor Pond is especially recommended when establishing a new pond, as well as for water changes in an existing one. It quickly neutralizes chlorine, which is found in tap water treated with chlorine compounds and presents a danger to garden fish. For an expedited release of fish into the pond with fresh tap water, the combination of Antychlor Pond and strong aeration is advised, followed by the addition of Esklarin Pond several minutes later. This will shield delicate skin from any damaging substances in the fresh water. Using these two methods provides a secure stocking process without risk of fish poisoning or harm to aquatic plants. To further protect them, it is suggested to also use Bactinin Pond containing bacteria.

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