Albertine Rift Cichlids Flakes


Due to their opportunistic feeding habits, cichlids require a broad scope of both animal proteins and vegetable matter in their diet. The flakes offered here were specially formulated to address these needs, offering the ideal balance of the right nutritious substances that are of vital importance for cichlids.

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The Albertine Rift Cichlids Flakes is a multi-ingredient food in the form of flakes for cichlids from East Africa and others with a primarily carnivorous diet. The flakes contain top-quality proteins, including proteins from krill and squid, which are the source of valuable essential amino acids. Thanks to the high palatability of the ingredients the food is eagerly eaten even by the very fussy and demanding fish. Natural resistance to diseases is reinforced by substances found in spirulina, as well as by vitamin C. The addition of zeolite promotes a healthy digestive system and the release of toxins from fish’s bodies. If regularly fed, the food ensures proper development and coloration in fish. Feed 3 – 4 times per day as much as your fish will eat in 2 – 3 minutes.

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