Algae Wafers 1 kg - Bulk Bag

Algae Wafers 1 kg - Bulk Bag

Algae Wafers 1 kg - Bulk Bag

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The product which is being offered is the high-quality Algae Wafers. This pack consists of 1 kg Pack Algae Wafers bulk bag. Algae wafers are a perfect staple diet for all plecos and are a good addition to a varied diet for other catfish. Remember that many breeds of pleco need to have access to bogwood at all times for grazing. The wafer pack comes in a clear grip-lock bag. If you would like a monthly delivery of wafers so that your plecos always have fresh food.


fish and fish derivatives
vegetable protein extracts
vegetable derivatives
mollusks and crustaceans
oils and fats
3% spirulina

Raw protein: 45.0%
Raw ash: 10.0%
Raw fat: 10.0%
Moisture: maximum 6.0%
Raw fibre: 5.0%
Sodium: 0.72%
Phosphorus: 0.54%
Calcium: 6.84 mg/kg

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